1. And this is the other view behind my back yard. right on the border line of Az(usa) and sonora (mx)

  2. this is one view behind my backyard

  3. Better then nothing!


  4. Good one loser

  5. This always makes me trip

  6. That my friend is “oregano” ;)

  7. Buckcherry In Pheonix AZ at the cricket

  8. My front yard was once full of life

  9. Oh shit, Robs pipe

  10. on the road again

  11. Corey Taylor in Phoenix AZ at the cricket

    show was dope

  12. Marilyn Manson

    Phoenix AZ

    Desert uprisings

  13. So I was looking through some drawings I had done and I was mad at the time. So I ended up punching a mirror and I decided to paint after that…

  14. Red Hot Chili Peppers

    In Glendale AZ

  15. Rom Zombie

    Desert uprising

    In Phoenix AZ